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  Why Taxi's?  

Why Taxi-Tops Work!

  • POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: Our taxis travel where the heaviest concentrations of people are located including: Busy Downtown Areas, Airports, Hotels, Convention Centers, Major Highways and Sporting/Entertainment Events.

  • METROWIDE COVERAGE: Blanket the Metro-area keeping your message “top of mind”.

  • DEMOGRAPHICS: Expose your business to a large segment of the City’s population - day and night - every day - all over town!

  • FREQUENCY: Those who repeatedly see your ad on streets and highways will have a higher advertiser awareness and brand recall.

  • MOBILE ADS: Take your message into areas that have limited outdoor advertising.

  • INEXPENSIVE: Taxi-tops are a fraction of the cost charged for billboards, TV, and radio - we deliver one of the lowest costs per impression.

  • L.E.D. ILLUMINATION: Our patented SharkFin signs offer the brightest signs in the industry which has been shown to increase audience impact by 16% according to OAAA.

  • REACH - FREQUENCY: Taxi tops are viewed throughout the community by your target audience for at least 15 hours a day offering your business inescapable exposure.

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