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  Welcome To Smartlite  

Taxi Cab Topper Advertising

Taxi Cab Topper advertising is a medium with high levels of recall, reaching a local, business, and tourist audience. Taxi Cab Toppers cover the city from hotels, airports, shopping centers, and restaurants to convention centers, sporting events, and tourist attractions - everywhere consumers go we are there.

Unlike traditional billboards, Taxi Cab Toppers are eye-level double-sided backlit advertising display units that continuously change locations, ensuring maximum viewer frequency.

Green-i Media Group prides itself on giving clients what they want, when they want it, and where they want it.


Green-i Media Group offers so much:

  • Used to reach taxi riders, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic in urban areas..

  • Available in major metropolitan markets.

  • Can be bought in programs based on the number of taxicabs available in a market.

Mall List by DMA Denver One Sheet
Mall List by DMA Memphis One Sheet
Mall List by DMA Orlando One Sheet
47" x 69" Spec Sheet Why Taxi Top Advertising
40" x 50" Spec Sheet Ad Samples
About Smartlite Taxi Top Ad Spec Sheet

Our sales team will help you select
the right campaign for you.


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